Haali creative project


Usually here - on the main page of the site - the author talks about his project, its goals and, sometimes, a little about himself.

Which for me personally is a very difficult task, since I still cannot explain even to myself why this project was made. And it’s even more difficult for me to tell about myself, because I don’t know how to look at myself from the outside, and what I see from the inside of myself is even more difficult to tell.

But since I need to say something, I'll tell you how it all began.

At first, this project appeared as a game or a joke. I was just interested in playing my own site. Moreover, many of my friends also made websites for themselves (although they did it for work).

But for some reason, people began to come to the site, and therefore I had to write new stories so that the site was not empty, so that the people who came could read here what they came to the site for.

The job is tedious and thankless. Maybe that's why I periodically forgot about the site for weeks or even months.

And when I returned, I found with some surprise that the site was alive, and visitors were still going to the site, and many of my stories were even scattered on the Internet, and I found my stories on many other people's sites, and very often the owners did not even indicate them my name.

I did not know what to do - to be glad that people read my stories and they like these stories, or to be outraged that my stories are published on other sites without my permission and even without my name.

And I still don't know. So I just keep writing stories for those who read them. I hope these stories are really worth reading.

Well, that's probably enough to get you started.

So, I'm glad to see you on this site. Come in more often.