Shadow-death. Scary short story

One boy found an old iron can. Inside the can, something quietly poured. The boy wanted to open the jar to see what was inside, but he couldn't - the iron had rusted.

Then the boy took a large stone and began to knock on an iron can. But then suddenly he heard:

"Do not open".

The boy turned around, but no one was there.

"Don't open it," the voice said again.

Then the boy saw a large bird on a tree branch. The bird repeated again:

"Do not open".

But the boy again began to knock rust off the iron can. After some time he tried to open it. The iron can did not open. And the bird kept sitting on the tree and repeated:

"Don't open, don't open!"

The boy got angry at the bird and threw an iron can at it. Hitting a branch, the can opened and some shadow slipped out of the iron can, grabbed the bird and swallowed it.

It was Shadow-death.

The boy got scared and ran away. But the Shadow-death did not pursue the boy.

When he saw that the Shadow-death was not chasing him, the boy was delighted and went on to play.

But when he returned home, there was no one in the house - the Shadow-death had killed and swallowed everyone.

The boy started crying and ran out of the house. And on the street the Shadow-death was waiting for him.

Shadow-death. Scary short story

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