Little princess. Horror short story

There lived a little girl in the world. She was very kind and always tried to help everyone - her mother, grandmother, little brother and other people. For this, mother and grandmother called the girl a little princess. And then other people began to call the girl that. And the girl tried to be exactly like a real princess.

Once, when the girl was walking in the street, an old woman, humpbacked and ugly , approached her. And all the children immediately ran away - just in case, but the girl remained, because princesses should not treat people badly, even hunchbacked and ugly.

"You are a kind and sweet child," said the old woman, "and you deserve to become a real princess".

The girl nodded. She's been told this many times.

"I know one kingdom where the princess is very much needed," the old woman continued, "do you want to go there?"

And the girl answered like a real princess:

"If somewhere people need a princess, I can't help but go there".

The old woman laughed loudly and stamped her foot.

"So go! You will become a little princess of the kingdom of the dead!"

And the girl immediately fell dead ...

When the girl was buried, she was very, very beautiful. And people said that she would be the most beautiful princess in the kingdom of the dead.

Little princess. Scary short story

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