Blue handbag. Scary short story

Mom sent one girl to the store for bread. The girl bought bread, but when she wanted to leave, some woman in a blue dress asked the girl:

"Girl, this is not your blue handbag?"

The girl looked at the beautiful blue handbag and she liked the handbag so much that she said:

"Yes, this is my bag".

The woman in the blue dress gave the girl a handbag. The girl ran home and immediately showed the handbag to her mother.

"Look, what a beautiful blue handbag I have".

But when mother, saw the blue handbag, she took it and threw it out the window.

“And never take a blue handbag from anyone again,” Mom warned.

At night, the girl woke up because someone was calling her from the street. The girl went to the window and saw that a woman in a blue dress was standing on the street with a blue handbag in her hands.

"Girl," said the woman in the blue dress, "this is your handbag. Take it".

Then the woman's arms began to stretch out and soon reached the girl's window on the third floor. And the girl saw that those hands were also blue.

The girl took the blue bag anyway and ran away from the window, but woman's arms stretched out even more, climbed into the room, grabbed the girl and strangled her.

And in the morning, when the girl's mother entered the room, she saw the dead girl. And the girl's hands were blue.

Blue handbag. Scary short story

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