Black dress. Scary short story

One little girl had a dream.

She dreamed that her mother bought a beautiful black dress. Mom was so beautiful in it that the girl thought that when she grows up, she will certainly buy herself such a dress too. But at night, when the girl and her mother went to bed, the dress got out of the closet and strangled her mother, and then began to strangle the girl.

When the girl woke up, she immediately told her mother:

“Mom, don't buy a black dress for anything”.

But in the evening, mother came with the same black dress that the girl saw in a dream.

“I asked you not to buy a black dress,” the girl burst into tears.

“But it’s not black,” her mother objected, “it’s dark, dark red”.

Then the girl took scissors and, while her mother was preparing dinner, she began to cut the dress into small pieces. But no matter how much she cut, the dress grew together and became whole again.

Then the girl took the matches and set fire to the dress. The dress instantly flared up and screamed in pain, like a living person.

The burning dress was rushing back and forth and a fire started in the apartment. The girl barely managed to run out, however the girl's mother could not get out of the fire and burned down.

Black dress. Scary short story

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