Carousel. Scary short story

One girl went with her friends to the park to ride the carousels. They rode the ferris wheel and the roller coaster. And on other carousels. Only one carousel they did not go on. No one rode this carousel, although it was very big and good looking.

“You better not to ride on it,” the girlfriends warned the girl, “all those who rode on it did not return home”.

But the girl liked this carousel so much that she decided to ride it. Near the carousel stood a man in a blue suit. He took the girl's money and gave her a number. The girl chose a booth and sat down. The man started the carousel. The carousel spun, but the noise of the engine was not audible. But the girl heard someone crying. She wanted to see who was crying there, but the booth in which the girl was sitting suddenly slammed shut.

And when it finally opened, the girl found herself in a dark room, where there were many other boys and girls. And they were all blue.

The girl was very frightened, but still asked:

“Why are you all blue?”

“Because we have died,” said one boy, “we all rode the carousel, and now we have to spin it when someone wants to ride it. But everyone who rides this carousel dies”.

“But I didn’t die,” the girl said, “and I rode on this carousel”.

“Didn't you hear your mother crying?” someone asked.

"Look at your hands," said the boy.

The girl looked at her hands and saw that they had turned blue.

“You turned blue too because you are dead,” the boy said.

Carousel. Scary short story

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