Chimera. Scary short story

One boy did not have a mother and father. They died and he lived with his grandmother. But the grandmother was very old and could not constantly watch the boy.

Therefore, the boy often skipped school and came home only when he wanted to eat and sleep. The rest of the time he walked by himself, stealing apples in other people's gardens, teasing other children, and sometimes even adults.

The boy also liked to peek into other people's windows. He could watch for a long time how other children who have mothers and fathers live. Sometimes, when he saw how children were scolded and punished, he was glad that he only had a grandmother. But more often he got angry when he saw that moms and dads love their children, pamper them and give them gifts.

And when the boy got angry, he would throew a stone at the window and brake the glass. It seemed to him that in this way he was ruining the lives of other children. But, returning a few days later to the window that he broke, the boy saw that he could not do anything harmful.

Several times the boy was caught, even once he was severely beaten, but he still continued to look out the windows and break them.

One day the boy was walking far from his house and saw a very old house.

"In such an old house," the boy thought, "happy children are unlikely to live."

But when he looked into the window, he saw that many children live in this house and they have a mother and father. The children also had a lot of toys, and they all played together and did not fight. And even dad played with the kids.

The boy moved away in order to have time to escape, picked up a large stone from the ground, threw it at the window and immediately run away. But before he had run ten paces, he stopped. Because he did not hear the sound of broken glass.

Then the boy picked up another stone and threw it again at the window. He even saw the stone fly straight into the window, but instead of breaking the glass, the stone disappeared into the window, as if there was water instead of glass.

The boy threw a few more stones, but they also disappeared into the glass without breaking it. And when the boy returned to the window, he saw that the whole family - children and adults - were looking out the window, right at the boy. Although they could not see him, because it was dark outside.

And then the boy saw that someone else had appeared in the room. It was a huge creature, with long tentacles like an octopus. The creature swam up to the window and looked at the boy too, although it had no eyes. And it seemed to the boy that the window went straight into the depths of the ocean. And then the tentacles reached out to the boy right through the glass.

But the boy had time to jump away. Then the creature climbed out of the window and again its long tentacles reached for the boy.

The boy ran away. He was so frightened that he ran all the way to the house. But no one caught up with him. That creature apparently could only live in water.

The boy told his grandmother about this monster.

"I saw him on TV," the boy lied.

"Do not be afraid," said the grandmother, "this is a chimera. Such creatures live only at the very bottom of the ocean, and even when they float up, they die."

And still, the boy never went to that house again. And in any case now he tried to stay away from any windows. After all, now it seemed to him that behind the glass he could see the depths of the ocean.

And then he saw the chimera again.

The boy stood outside the toy store and looked at the new toys in the window. But suddenly the light behind the shop window went out, and out of the blackness of the window floated a chimera. It seemed to be waiting there and immediately the tentacles reached for the boy.

The boy screamed and jumped back, right at the feet of some passerby, so that he knocked the boy down and the tentacles of the chimera grabbed the void.

"Hey, kid, be careful!" said a passerby, lifting the boy from the ground.

The boy pointed with his hand at the store window. But the chimera was no longer there.

At home, the boy covered the windows with paper before going to bed.

But when he went outside the next day, in all the windows he saw the dark water of the ocean, where the chimera was waiting for him. She swam from one window to another and waited for the boy to get close. But the boy was alert and stayed away from the windows.

"You can never get to me!" shouted the boy through one of the windows.

The chimera didn't answer, but the boy sensed that she was watching him.

Running away from the chimera was easy. At school, he sat at the farthest desk, away from the windows, and at home he asked his grandmother to seal the windows with paper or close them with curtains. And in the store near the house, where the boy went for bread, the windows had long been painted over with paint.

But the chimera continued to wait, watching the boy from a distance though those windows that were not sealed.

And the next day it started to rain. And after it there were large puddles. The boy was returning home from school, almost forgetting about the chimera. Only sometimes he looked around, so to avoid getting close to the houses.

But suddenly, when he stepped into a puddle, his leg fell through to the knee, although the puddle was not so deep. And when the boy looked down, he saw that under his foot was no longer a puddle, but a hole into the ocean depths.

The boy quickly pulled out his leg. And the tentacles of the chimera were already reaching out of the hole behind him. The boy started to run, but there were too many puddles around, and the chimera moved under water much faster. One of the tentacles grabbed the boy's leg.

"Help!" screamed the boy.

But the people walking by didn't seem to notice anything. And they moved slowly and smoothly, as if they were under water.

Another chimera tentacle grabbed the boy's other leg. The boy fell.

"Help!" the boy shouted again.

People began to look around and look for the one who was screaming. They seemed surprised. And then they began to raise their hands and point them at the boy.

"Help!" shouted the boy once again.

But people only silently looked at him. They had no mouths or eyes, and instead of arms they had twisting tentacles.

Chimera. Scary short story
Illustration: Frost7q

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