The one in the mirror. Scary short story

In one house where the boy lived, there was a closed attic.

The boy really wanted to climb there, but his father and mother did not let him.

"You might hurt yourself," dad said.

Dad always carried the key to the attic with him and never left it anywhere. Sometimes he went up to the attic, moved something there and talked to himself.

Once dad went on a business trip and left the key to mom. The boy peekped where his mother hid the key, and when she was not at home, he took the key and climbed into the attic.

The attic was dark, filled with some boxes and old furniture.

"Hey!" the boy suddenly heard someone's voice, "over here!"

The voice came from the darkness, but nothing could be seen. On the floor near the door stood a candlestick with a candle and matches. The boy lit a candle, but still saw nothing.

"I'm here," the voice called the boy, "pull back the closet".

The boy came closer.

"Move this closet," the voice repeated.

The boy barely moved the closet and saw that that there was a large mirror attached to the closet door. And the voice was coming from there.

It was hard to see, but inside the mirror it was even darker than the darkness in the attic. The fire of the candle was not reflected in the mirror, but there was someone inside, although it was not possible to see it in any way - the eyes were just starting to tear and hurt.

"Who are you?" the boy asked.

"I am your great-grandfather," said the stranger from the mirror, "your father's father locked me in here".

"Is it possible to lock someone in a mirror?" the boy was surprised.

The one in the mirror didn't answer.

"Why were you locked up?" the boy asked.

"They were afraid of me," was the answer, "but you're not afraid, are you?"

"No," the boy replied, although he was actually very scared.

"Do not be afraid," said the man in the mirror, "if I could go out, I would have left long ago".

The boy stepped closer to the mirror to see who was inside the mirror. He even touched the mirror with his hand. And then the one in the mirror grabbed him and began to pull inside.

"Let go!" shouted the boy and began to twitch his hand.

But his hand was pulled more and more inside the mirror. Already almost the entire hand was inside the mirror, and the boy was pulled inside deeper and deeper.

And then the boy with all his might hit the mirror with a candlestick, which he held in his other hand.

The mirror cracked. From the mirror came a cry of pain...

And then the boy screamed. For he saw how his hand, which was pulled into the mirror, was cut by a crack in the mirror...

But no one else was holding him. The boy fell and crawled away from the mirror. His hand was gone - it remained in the mirror. And burning candle started a fire...

When his mother returned, she saw that the house had completely burned down.

A boy was sitting near the burnt house. And he was missing one arm.

"What's happened?" mom asked, "you didn’t go into the attic, did you?"

"He took my hand," the boy said, "I asked him to return it, but he only laughed and said that one night he would come and take everything else from me..."

The one in the mirror. Scary short story

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