Tongue-snake. Scary short story

One boy ran so fast that no one could catch up with him, even adults. And adults often tried to catch up with the boy, because he always teased and called them names.

One day the boy stated teasinge an old woman, calling her an old turtle.

"You would be better watch your tongue," the old woman said to the boy, "because it is too independent. You look, It might turn into a snake".

But the boy only laughed and began to call names even more offensively.

"It's better to live with a snake in my mouth than to see an old turtle like you".

Then at night the boy had a dream, as if his tongue began to grow, and then turned into a snake, and instead of a snake's head, she had the head of the old woman who was teased by the boy. And the boy could not run away from this snake. He wanted to scream and call for help, but he couldn't because he didn't have a tongue...

When the boy woke up in the morning, his hair was as white as snow. And he completely stopped talking, just mumbled all day and no one could understand anything.

The next night the boy fell asleep and did not wake up again. And he had snake bite marks on his arms.

Tongue-snake. Scary short story

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