Black mirror. Scary short story

One girl was walking on the street with her favorite doll. Suddenly an old woman in a black dress approached her. The old woman's face was covered with a black scarf.

The old woman looked at the girl and said:

"Girl, give me your doll. And I'll give you a black mirror for this".

And the old woman pulled out a beautiful black mirror.

The girl liked the mirror so much that she immediately gave the doll to the old woman. The old woman took the doll and handed the girl a black mirror.

But then the girl's doll suddenly came to life and pulled off a black scarf from the old woman. And the girl saw that under the scarf the old woman had no face.

"Run, girl!" shouted the doll.

The girl turned and ran. But the old woman pointed a black mirror at her and the girl began to be drawn into it. At that moment the doll hit the old woman’s arm, the mirror fell out of the hands of the old woman, hit the ground and broke.

As soon as the black mirror broke, the old woman in black screamed and flared up like a match. And with her, the girl's doll caught fire. But the doll still had time to say to the girl:

"Bury the broken mirror, but never look into it".

So the girl did exactly that. But as she was burying the broken black mirror, she glanced at the small shard. And from what the girl saw there, her hair turned gray, like that of old people.

Black mirror. Scary short story

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