Queen of ants. Horror short story

One boy constantly tortured and killed ants.

He tore off their paws and burned them with burning matches. He threw ants into spider webs and watched them try in vain to get out of there. He could fill the anthill with water or catch ants from one anthill and throw it near another to arrange a slaughter. He collected ants in a jar, and then poured hot boiling water into the jar at home.

The boy's parents did not know about this, otherwise he would have been punished.

One day the boy was walking on the street and thought of what else he could do with the ants.

Then a woman came up to him, wrapped in a long gray cloak, although it was warm outside. She handed the boy a stone. In appearance it was the most ordinary stone.

"What is this?" the boy asked warily. He knew that adults don't give anything for nothing.

"It's an egg. The queen of all ants sleeps in it. You can order her, and she will pass your orders to the ants".

The woman pushed the stone into the boy's hands, turned and began to leave.

"Hey!" the boy called, but the woman disappeared as if she had tumbled through the ground.

The boy brought a stone to the house and ordered:

"I want the ants to come here".

He waited a little, but nothing happened.

"Deceived," the boy thought disappointedly, threw a stone and went to play outside.

But when he returned, he saw that a whole army of ants was waiting for him on the table. They lined up like soldiers and waited.

The boy was delighted and ordered the ants to fight until they killed each other.

The next day he brought the stone with him to school. And in the middle of the lesson, the teacher ran out of the classroom screaming – she was attacked by ants.

Then the boy made the ants to attack a wasp nest, which he saw under the roof of a barn near the house. The wasps easily killed the ants, but the ants were much more numerous and in the end they won. The boy began to think of who else to set the ants on.

He noticed that the queen ant's egg was getting bigger, but ignored it. Soon it no longer fit in the pocket, and the boy hid it in the closet. But then it stopped fitting in the closet too. Then the boy put the egg under the bed.

If the ants were big, then the boy could make a real army out of them, but the ants were still too small, and could not even cope with the neighbor's cat.

Disillusioned with the ants, the boy lit a large fire and forced all the ants that were around to go straight into the fire. So, he burned a lot of ants.

The next night, the boy woke up to the sound of an egg crackling under his bed, as if something was moving inside. When the boy looked under the bed, he was frightened to see how big the egg had become with the queen of ants sleeping inside.

"I must kill her before she grows even more," the boy decided.

He brought a large knife from the kitchen and stabbed the egg with it. But the knife did not pierce the egg shell. Then the boy brought a hammer and began to hit the egg with it. The egg withstood, but cracks appeared on it.

And suddenly the boy heard laughter. When he raised his head, he saw that a woman was sitting on the window. The one who gave him the egg. Only her cloak wasn't a cloak at all - it was big wings. The woman also had antennae on her head, like those of ants.

The boy was scared, but he didn't show it.

"Take your egg," he said to the woman, "I don’t need your ant queen anymore. If you don't take it, I'll kill her".

The woman laughed again.

"Fool, the queen of ants is me, and in the egg is your death. You fed it yourself".

The boy looked back at the egg. And he saw that it was almost split, and huge ant paws were sticking out from the inside.

And then the shell burst and a huge ant crawled out from under the bed and grabbed the boy with his mandibles and lifted him up.

"Now we will see how you will crawl if all your paws are torn off," said the queen of ants, "and so that you crawl faster, we will burn you with a burning stick."

And the boy screamed...

In the morning, mom and dad found the boy dead. His arms and legs were torn off, as if someone had gnawed them, and his face and hair were badly burned. The police found many footprints in the room, but they could not figure out who it was.

And the next night, children began to die in the city...

Queen of ants. Horror short story
Illustration: Frost7q

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