Dinner away. Scary short story

One boy's mother died. A year later, his dad met another woman and said that he was going to marry her.

When the boy saw this woman, he did not like her - there was something about her that made the boy goosebumps. Although there was nothing terrible about her, on the contrary, she was very beautiful.

The boy did not say anything to his dad, because he did not know how to explain why he was afraid.

"I also have a daughter. She is almost the same age as you. Her name is Ida and you can play with her," the woman said to the boy, and he thought that maybe he was afraid for nothing.

One day he and his dad went to visit this woman. When they entered, the boy immediately saw her daughter. The girl was also very beautiful - she had long blond hair, large dark eyes and very fair skin.

The boy said hello, but the girl did not answer.

"She doesn't talk," the woman said, "but she understands everything".

The girl nodded.

"Go play for a while," said the woman, "Ida, show him your dolls".

The girl got up and went ahead, the boy followed her.

When they entered the room, the girl sat down on the bed, took the doll, a comb and began to comb the doll's hair - it was as long as the girl's.

The boy looked around the room. There were a lot of dolls in the room. The dolls were very different and so well made that it seemed they were real people, only small ones. Like gnomes from a fairy tale. But the boy was scared again - it seemed to him that the dolls were looking at him attentively.

In order not to look at the dolls, the boy turned to the girl and began to watch her play with the doll. And he almost screamed, only now seeing that the girl had no hands - they were replaced by prostheses.

The boy looked at Ida for a long time, or rather at her hands, and could not take his eyes off them. Sometimes it seemed to him that these were real hands, the girl handled them so well. But still, he wanted to get out of the room where the dolls were watching his every move, and out of this house in general.

"Children, go eat," the boy heard and quickly left the room.

But then he suddenly felt someone grab his hand. He turned and saw Ida. She held his hand in her prosthetics and shook her head as if she wanted to say no.

"Do you still want to play?" the boy asked, but the girl kept shaking her head.

"No? I don't understand what you want," the boy said.

But then a woman appeared and Ida immediately released the boy.

"Hurry," said the woman, "or the food will get cold."

They sat down at the table and began to eat. The food was very tasty, especially the chicken wings, which the boy liked very much, although they had a strange sweet taste. And his dad liked them too.

And after eating the boy completely forgot about his fears. And he was even a little surprised that he was afraid of a woman and Ida. He thought that the woman was actually very good, and Ida was also good, just a little strange.

"Did you like it?" Dad asked as they walked home.

The boy nodded. He no longer remembered at all what he was afraid of, but only remembered how good it had been to visit.

But at night the boy woke up with severe pain in his stomach. The pain was so intense, as if something was cutting into his insides with sharp claws.

"It's not something," the boy suddenly realized, "it’s hands. Ida's hands. Which we ate like chicken wings. Therefore, the meat had a sweet aftertaste. After all, it was human meat."

And now these hands came to life and tried to get out.

The boy screamed. From fear and pain. And he heard his dad screaming in the other room.

The last thing the boy had time to think about was that soon Ida would have two dolls more ...


The boy and his father were found only a few days later. Dead, with torn bellies.

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