Blue cat. Scary short story

One girl painted a big cat on the wall. She painted with blue paint, because she had no other colors.

Many people, when they saw the drawing, even at first thought that it was a real cat and were surprised that it had such an unusual color. And they showed it to others - look how beautifully it is drawn.

And three other girls from the yard, who could not draw so well, became jealous. They took black paint and painted over the drawing.

When the girl saw that her drawing was covered, she burst into tears and could not calm down for a long time.

Then one of the three girls had a dream, as if a big blue cat came to her at night. He sat down on top of the blanket, and when the girl opened her eyes, hissed and hit her with a paw with sharp claws. When the girl woke up in the morning, her whole face was covered in blood, and there were such deep scratches on her face that they had to be stitched up in the hospital.

The next night the cat came to another girl. She woke up when she heard the blue cat jump on the windowsill and screamed. The girl jumped up and wanted to run away, but the cat jumped on her shoulders and grabbed her head with his claws. When the girl's mom and dad ran into the room because of the scream, she was lying on the floor and her whole head and back were scratched.

The third girl, having heard about this, took a large iron nail and began to scratch the wall with it, where there was a black spot over the drawing with a cat. With the nail, the girl tore off almost all the paint off the wall.

"That’s it, now he won't be able to come to me".

But at night the blue cat came for her, too. In the morning, the parents found the girl dead. The police later said that the girl had been strangled. They also found bloody footprints of large cat paws on the bed, on the floor and on the window.

Then people said they saw a blue cat painted on the wall. The drawing looked real. A painted blue cat appeared on different walls, in different parts of the city. Sometimes in the picture the cat was sleeping, sometimes he was licking his fur, but more often he was sitting and looking out for something. Or someone.

And if children passed by the drawing, they felt that the cat was looking at them. And they tried to go faster.

And in that house, where a painted blue cat appeared on the wall, someone always died afterwards.

Blue cat. Scary short story
Illustration: Frost7q

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