Game by the river. Scary short story

One girl once walked in the evening near the river.

She used to walk there often, but before she was always with her mother or father.

And this time the girl was walking alone, although her mother told her not to leave the yard.

"Nothing will happen to me," the girl thought, "I know everything there".

But in the evening, everything seemed different, and there were no people at all. Only children could be heard playing somewhere nearby.

The girl followed the sound and soon saw children running across the sand and shallow water, tossing something to each other.

They played so merrily that the girl ran to play with them.

The children stopped when the girl ran up to them, but did not kick her out, but rather waved her arms to play with them.

The girl also began to catch what they were throwing to each other, but she could not manage to catch it, because some boy kept snatching it almost out of her hands.

The girl was angry with him, but the boy ran faster than her, and always managed to escape. The girl had already seen his face somewhere, but she could not remember.

Soon the sun went down completely and the children immediately stopped playing. One by one they went straight into the river, dived under the water and never came up again.

The girl was suddenly frightened, especially since someone took her by the hand and led her into the river.

She screamed and began to struggle, but she was held very tightly.

Only now did the girl notice that the one who was holding her had a blue and swollen face, completely black eyes and a strong smell of river mud.

The girl realized that she was playing with drowned children who had long ago drowned in the river. She screamed again and tried to escape, but she could not escape from the hands of the drowned man boy - he held her tightly.

But then the boy who all the time did not allow the girl to catch the thing with which the drowned people played, ran up to them. He was holding a dead head in his hand - it was the children were playing with. The head was alive and grinning its long black teeth. It also tried to bite the fingers holding it.

The boy gave the dead head to the drowned boy, who grabbed it, releasing the girl's hand.

The girl immediately rushed to run home.

Only later did she realize that the boy had actually saved her several times. First from a dead head, and then from a drowned boy.

And already at home the girl remembered where she had seen his face. In a photo album. It was mother's younger brother, who died a long time ago - he drowned in the river when he was a boy.

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