Monster. Scary short story

One day a blind man asked a boy to take him across the road to the bus stop.

"Thank you, boy," said the blind man, when the boy helped him, "do you want to know why I am blind?"

And without waiting for an answer, he began to speak:

"My grandmother was a real witch. She could predict what would happen just by looking at scattered sand or clouds floating across the sky. When I was little, I also wanted to learn to see the future. But my grandmother did not want to teach me, repeating every time that it was very dangerous. But I didn’t want to listen to anything and began to study on my own. I spent all day staring up at the clouds, or at the lines of the wooden ceiling in my room, and at night I turned on the flashlight and looked at the shadows of the folds in the blanket".

"And what," the boy asked, becoming interested in the story, "did you learn to see future?"

"Listen further," continued the blind man, "one night, the shadows from the flashlight on my bed suddenly formed into a terrible monster. It had a small head and a large mouth with long yellow teeth. And it was reaching out its hands or paws towards me. But I quickly turned off the flashlight. I was very frightened, but I became even more frightened when the next day I looked at the clouds - and saw this monster there ... Since then, wherever I looked, I saw him everywhere. And every time it got closer..."

"Is that why you're blind?" the boy asked.

"No," the blind man answered, "I went blind because my grandmother smeared some kind of ointment on my eyes. She said it would save me from the monster".

"Have you learned to see the future?" the boy asked.

The blind man nodded.

"In exactly three minutes my bus will arrive," he said, "and a woman with bags will get out of there".

Indeed, the bus arrived exactly three minutes later and only one woman got out of it, holding two full bags in her hands.

While the boy stood with his mouth open, the blind man got up, entered the bus and shouted through the open door:

"You can learn to see too!"

His blind eyes looked straight at the boy, as if they could see him. He laughed, opening his large yellow-toothed mouth.

The doors closed and the bus left.

But the boy could not see anything. He carefully examined the cracks on the pavement.

Monster. Scary short story

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