Old house. Scary short story

There lived a girl in the same city. She lived with her mother, but they did not have a father.

Where they lived, there was an old house. Nobody lived in it, but the mother always told the girl to never come near this house.

But the girl did not listen to her mother and one day she went up to the old house and looked in the window. And she saw that there were a lot of people there - and everyone had black faces and red eyes.

The girl got scared and ran away.

But when she ran home, she saw that her mother also had a black face and red eyes.

“I told you not to come near this house,” said the mother, grabbed the girl and took her to the old house.

The girl also had a black face and red eyes. At night, she walked around the city and looked into the windows. Those who saw her, after that, began to get sick and died.

But one day the people in the city gathered all together, came and burned down the old house. When the house burned down, many human bones were found there.

Old house. Scary short story

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