Red sled. Scary short story

One boy went sledding late at night.

“Just do not swap sleds with anyone,” the mother warned the boy, “especially if the sled is red”.

When the boy came to the skating rink, there was no one there, only an old lady was standing. And next to her stood a beautiful red sled. The boy liked the old lady's sled, and he came closer to look at them.

“Nice sled?” the old lady asked the boy.

“Very beautiful,” the boy replied.

“Let’s exchange sleds,” the old lady suggested.

The boy was so happy that he forgot what his mother told him. He gave his ordinary sled to this old lady and took the red sled from her.

The old lady took the boy's sled and quickly left. And the boy took the red sled, climbed up the hill with them, sat on it and rolled down.

The red sled slipped down easily. But when they rolled down, the boy turned into a skeleton. The red sled drank from the boy his whole life.

Red sled. Scary short story

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