Music box. Scary short story

One girl went to the store and saw there a beautiful music box for sale. The girl liked the box so much that she immediately wanted to buy it. But she had very little money.

"How much is this music box?" the girl asked the saleswoman.

"How much do you have?" said the saleswoman.

The girl pulled out all the money she had.

The saleswoman quickly counted the money. There were exactly thirty-five coins.

"This music box costs just thirty-five coins," said the saleswoman and gave the girl the box.

The girl came home. She wanted to wait for her mother, but she could not resist and launched the music box. Together with the music, death came out of the box and took the girl's soul.

But then the girl's mother came running. She heard music on the street and therefore covered her ears with a handkerchief so that death could not take her soul, because death took only those who heard music from the music box.

Seeing what happened, the mother quickly launched the box in the opposite direction and the girl's soul returned. Except, after that the girl stopped hearing at all and never again used boxes and caskets.

And mother burned the music box in the stove.

Music box. Scary short story

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