Mockers. Scary short story

One boy often behaved badly, and when adults told him about it, he did not listen to them, but mocked them.

"You can’t behave like that," the adults explained to the boy, "this is a bad deed".

"You can’t behave like that," the boy mimicked them and ran away.

"It’s not good to do this," the boy’s mother tried to reason with.

But the boy did not listen to her either.

"It’s not good to do that," he mocked, grimacing and laughing.

But the boy did not have a dad, and therefore no one could punish him.

One day, on the playground, a boy pushed a girl off a swing because he wanted to ride himself. The girl fell down and cried.

"What are you doing?!" exclaimed the girl's grandmother.

"What are you doing!" the boy mimicked her, climbed onto the swing and began to swing.

"Okay fine!" exclaimed the old lady and stamped her foot, "since you yourself are a mocking, then mockers you and they will punish you!"

But the boy did not listen to her, continuing to sway and laugh.

"Mockers-krockers!" he mimicked.

The old lady did not answer, but helped the girl up and led her away.

"Grandma, who are these mockers?" the girl asked as they left the playground.

"You do not need to know this," replied the grandmother, "do not mocking and mockers will not come to you".

"But who are they?" the girl would not let up.

"Mockers are children of fear and horror. They die of fear and after death they bring fear to others".

"But after all, there are no such thing as mockers, right, grandmother?" the girl was frightened.

"No, of course not," her grandmother reassured her, "but you still don’t mock, okay?"

"Okay," the girl nodded.

And at night the boy woke up because someone called him from the street.

The boy went to the window, but in the darkness he could only see vague shadows that jumped and ran in the street under the window.

"Who's there?" the boy asked.

"Who's there! Who's there! Who's there!" began to mock the boy from below.

"Stop it now!" shouted the boy shouted.

But the shadows on the street only began to laugh and scream even louder.

"Stop it! Now!"

The boy got scared and closed the window. But then the sound of breaking glass was heard and several stones flew into the room.

"You don’t need to! I won't do it again!" the boy screamed in fright.

But the shadows were already climbing in through the window and reaching for him with their long black arms with sharp claws.

"Need to!" they mocked, "again!"

The next morning, the mother found the boy dead.

Monster. Scary short story
Illustration - Julia

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