The Doll Shop. Scary short story

One girl was walking with her grandmother in the park and saw a store where large beautiful dolls stood behind glass.

The girl really wanted such a doll and she began to ask her grandmother:

"Let's go to this store and buy a doll".

"Which store?" Grandma was surprised.

“This store,” the girl showed with her hand, but the grandmother did not see anything and thought that the girl must have been ill and quickly took her home to check the temperature.

But the girl was healthy. The next day, when she went for a walk outside, she saw the doll shop again. Now the store was right in the yard.

The girl immediately ran home.

"Mom, there's a doll shop. And the dolls there are so big and beautiful. Buy me one of those, please".

But when the mother and the girl went down to the yard, the store had already disappeared.

The next night, the girl woke up from the fact that her room was as bright as day. Light came from the window. The girl went to the window and saw that it was no longer a window, but a glass door to the doll shop.

Then the girl grabbed a piggy bank from the shelf and immediately went into the store until it disappeared again.

"You probably want to buy a doll?" the seller asked the girl.

The girl looked at him and was frightened. For some reason it seemed to her that he looked like a big spider. It even seemed to her that instead of hands he had long spider legs with claws.

But then the seller took one doll off the shelf and placed it next to the girl.

The doll was so beautiful and so big - almost like the girl herself. And it looked very, very real.

The girl thought that she did not have enough money in her piggy bank to buy such a doll.

"How much is this doll?" asked the girl.

The seller held out his hand and pointed to the piggy bank. The girl handed over the piggy bank.

"Can I pick up the doll?" said the girl.

The seller nodded his head.

The girl grabbed the doll and quickly went to the exit before the seller changed his mind.

But when she was back in her room, the doll opened her eyes, grabbed the girl by the throat and began to choke her.

The girl was so frightened that she passed out.

And when she woke up, she saw that she herself had become a doll and was standing on a shelf in a store next to other dolls. And she can't even move, scream or cry.

Now she could only wait for someone to come to buy it. Then she would strangle him and live his life. Until the spider-like owner comes again and takes her back to his shop.

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