Golden town. Scary short story

In one town there was an old tower.

It was said that if in the evening, before sunset, look into the only intact window of the tower, you can see another town in it. And everything there is made of gold.

It was also said that through the window of the tower you can get into that golden town. Then you need to grab some golden thing and quickly get back out before the inhabitants of the golden town catch you. And if they catch you, they will bury you alive in a golden coffin.

A boy was passing by the tower one evening and saw a bright light in the window. He came closer, looked through the window and saw the golden town in the window. The walls and roofs of houses in this town were made of gold. And right next to the window, the boy saw a little girl who was playing with gold bars, as with ordinary stones. There was no one else to be seen nearby.

The boy quickly climbed into the window, jumped down, ran up to the girl, grabbed two gold bars and immediately ran back. But when he climbed to the window, his hometown was no longer in the window.

The boy looked back and saw that the girl was standing and looking at him.

"You can’t get back," the girl said, "everyone who came from there could not return".

The boy climbed down from the window to the ground.

"So now they will bury me in a golden coffin?" he asked.

The girl nodded.

"Why are you doing it?" said the boy, "Do you feel sorry for the gold? I'll give it back," and he handed the girl gold bars.

"No, not because of the gold," said the girl, "you came from the dead town. And you yourself are dead. That means you need to be buried. After all, the dead do not live with the living".

"But I'm alive," said the boy.

"You're dead," the girl shook her head, “look at your hands".

The boy looked at his hands and saw that they were the hands of a dead man.

He got scared and started crying.

People began to come out of the golden houses. They looked at the boy, and two were already carrying the golden coffin.

"It's a pity that you're dead," said the girl, "otherwise we would have played with you".

"But I'm alive!" the boy began to shout, "I just need to go back! Let me go!"

But the people from the golden town did not listen to him. They caught the boy, put him in a golden coffin, and nailed the lid shut with golden nails.

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