Game of the hide and seek. Scary short story

One time, in one yard, the children were playing hide-and-seek.

When the seeker was chosen, everyone else ran to hide.

One girl did not know where to hide, but suddenly she saw some boy waving her - here, here.

The girl thought that the boy must have found a good place to hide. So she ran after him.

The boy ran ahead, showing the way. FirstFirst, they ran into a narrow passage between two old brick walls. The girl suddenly thought that she had never seen anything like it in her yard.

Then they ran into some old building and ran down a long staircase to a dark basement. The basement was completely dark and water was dripping from above.

But even then the boy did not stop and ran on. Even thought it was completely dark, the girl saw him very well. She wanted to catch up with him and tell him that there was no need to run further, otherwise no one would ever find them, but no matter how fast she ran, she still could not catch up with the boy.

The girl got tired and stopped. And immediately the boy running ahead disappeared.

"Hey!" shouted the girl, "stop!"

She suddenly became afraid. She looked around, but saw nothing, as it was completely dark.

She called the boy again, but no one answered.

Then the girl turned and walked back.

She walked for a long time, but it did not get any brighter. And the stairs they had come down here were still gone.

But then the girl saw that something was shining ahead. She was delighted and went faster forward.

She soon realized what was glowing. It was just a pale spot of light on the floor. As if the moon was shining through a round window. But there was no window and no moon.

But there was a boy here. The one that made a girl come here.

"Let's play," said the boy.

He was all black, darker than the surrounding darkness, so the girl could see him very well.

"Who are you?" the girl asked fearfully.

The boy didn't answer.

"I want to go home," said the girl and began to cry, "please take me back".

The boy shook his head.

"You can’t go there anymore," he said, "they will be afraid and scream. And nobody, no one will want to play with you".

"Why?" the girl was surprised.

The boy didn't answer again and continued.

"But now there are two of us and we can play here. It's always dark and easy to hide. And then we will call other children and it will become even more fun to play".

"I don't want to play," the girl cried, "I want to go home".

"We will go there," the boy promised, "and you can look out the window of your house when everyone is asleep. When they can't see. And even if they suddenly wake up, they will see only darkness".

And then the girl looked at her hands and realized that she had become as black as the boy.

"Don't be afraid," the boy told her, "Now they will all be afraid of you".

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