In the depths of the well. Scary short story

One mother often said to the girl.

"If you see an open hatch on the street, do not come close".

The girl knew what her mother would answer, but she asked anyway:


"A hand will come out from there - grab you! - and carry it into the well," mother answered.

"And then?" the girl asked.

"And then no one knows," mother said, "after all, no one returned from there".

The girl tried to imagine who might live in the dark well. He probably has long arms with claws to grab those who come to the open hatch. And he probably also has long legs to quickly run through the tunnels into which the wells lead. And it is also probably very scary and dangerous, since adults always close wells with heavy iron lids.

The girl was very scared, but it was also very interesting to look at the monster that lives in the depths of the well. Seeing the open hatch, the girl moved away and watched, waiting for a long clawed hand to stick out from there. But this never happened. And once the girl even saw how three people opened the hatch and went down. They were gone for a long time, but then they nevertheless got out - alive and in one piece, so the girl thought that this monster from the well was not so big, since it does not touch adults, but only attacks children.

Once the girl even went to an open well and cautiously looked inside. But there was nothing to be seen in the darkness.

"Hey!" the girl shouted.

"Hey!" echoed from the depths of the well.

"Hey!" the girl shouted louder and heard an even louder echo in response. If it was an echo.

The girl waited, but nothing happened. She was about to leave when a boy's head popped out of the well.

"Was that you screaming?" the boy asked indignantly.

"Well, I am," the girl replied.

"What do you want?" The boy frowned and looked angrily at the girl.

“Nothing," the girl replied and, just in case, stepped back two steps in order to have time to escape, if anything.

But the boy only snorted and climbed back into the well.

"She just screams..." he muttered, and disappeared into the darkness.

The girl immediately returned.

"What are you doing there?" she asked.

"Something," answered a voice from the darkness, "we are playing here. Playing tag".

The girl immediately imagined how fun it is to play where it is always very, very dark. And she also wanted to play with them.

"Take me to play!" she shouted.

"No kidding," the boy replied displeasedly, "but you probably don't know how?"

"Of course I can!" the girl exclaimed, "I can play better than anyone!"

"All right," after a long silence, a voice called from the depths of the well, "get down".

With a joyful exclamation, the girl climbed down, completely forgetting what her mother had told her.

There, in the depths of the well, it was not at all as dark as it seemed, and there were many different children - big and small, but for some reason they did not play, but sat sad and silent. Some even wept silently.

The girl quickly got tired of playing. She began to look for the place where she went down into the well, but could not find it.

The girl wandered through the tunnels for a long time, until one day she saw a bright spot of an open hatch from above. Then she quickly climbed up.

But when the girl got out, it turned out that many, many years had passed there, the girl's parents died long ago, and completely different people live in the apartment.

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