In the old cemetery. Scary short story

One boy moved with his mom and dad to a new city.

Neighbors immediately warned them:

"Do not go to the old cemetery, people sometimes disappear there".

But in the yard the boy had not yet had time to make friends with anyone, so he went to look at the old cemetery.

"I'll just watch from a distance," he thought.

From afar, the cemetery was the most ordinary, there was nothing terrible about it.

The boy sighed disappointedly and was about to go home, when he suddenly noticed children playing.

Children - a boy and a girl - built the camp. They dug a large hole, covered it with boards, leaving a small hole to climb inside, and now they covered the ground on top of the boards so that no one could see their camp. The children were carried away by the game and did not notice the boy, who was carefully watching the construction.

But then the girl turned back and saw that they were being watched. She waved her hand for the boy to come closer. The boy came up.

"Who are you?" she asked. "We haven't seen you here before."

"I recently arrived," said the boy, "from another city".

"What is your name?" asked the girl.

"Elijah," said the boy, "and you?"

"Agnes," said the girl, and waved her hand at her friend, "and his - Ardiss, he is my brother".

"Do you want to build an underground bunker with us-s?" asked Ardiss, turning around.

He stretched the letter "s" strangely. And Elijah saw that his eyes were of an unusual yellow color. But in other respects, Ardiss was no different from other boys.

"I want to," Elijah answered and began to help them.

When they completed the bunker, Agnes said:

"When the grass grows here, the bunker will not be visible at all".

Ardiss nodded, wanted to say something, but suddenly froze, throwing up his head, as if listening to something.

"It’s time for us-s," he said after a while, "mother calls-s for dinner".

"Will you come again?" asked Elijah.

"Let’s go with us," Agnes suddenly suggested, "we’ll eat and come back here together".

"Can I?" Elijah rejoiced.

Ardiss shrugged, but Agnes grabbed Elijah by the arm and pulled her along.

"Come on, don't be afraid, it's very close".

And they went to the cemetery.

"Do you live behind this cemetery?" asked Elijah.

"Yes," said Agnes.

"Aren't you afraid to walk here?" Elijah for some reason became scared.

"No," said Ardiss, "it's-s s-so old, there hasn't been anyone here for a long time".

The cemetery really wasn't scary at all. The graves were overgrown with grass, and small lizards basked on wooden crosses. Ardiss grabbed one and put it on his hand, showing it to Elijah.

"There are a lot of them here," he said, "but they don't bite".

The mother of Agnes and Ardiss was not surprised when she saw Elijah with them.

"We have guests-s", she said and put the third plate on the table.

She also had yellow eyes, like Ardiss, and she also spoke the letter "s" in an unusual way. She was very beautiful and moved smoothly, as if there was not air around, but water.

"She looks like a lizard, only very big and very beautiful," Elijah thought for some reason.

Then they ate something tasty, but Elijah could not understand what it was. And after eating, he suddenly felt very sleepy.

And he probably fell asleep right at the table, because he suddenly saw that the mother of his new friends had a tail.

"Of course," Elijah guessed, "she's also a lizard."

And he saw that Ardiss also had a tail.

"Probably Agnes has a tail too," thought Elijah.

And right in a dream, Elijah fell asleep again and he dreamed of distant times, when lizard-people lived everywhere. But the ape-people came and started killing the lizard-people. Because they were very afraid of them. And they killed almost all of them.

Elijah woke up, but fell into another dream. And he dreamed that someone else appeared inside him, very similar and not at all like Elijah. This stranger looked with yellow eyes, and he had a tail like a lizard. And he fed on Elijah, eating him from the inside.

"I'm just a cocoon," Elijah realized, "for the lizard-man. He'll eat me and then get out."

Elijah wanted to wake up, but could not. All he could do now - to see this dream. He won't have any other dreams.

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