Black giant. Scary short story

One girl often stayed at home alone because her parents worked a lot.

But the girl was bored at home, and she had no friends in the yard.

One day a girl climbed up on the roof. It was quiet there, and nothing prevented her from looking at the clouds.

All day long the girl lay on the hot, sun-warmed concrete, looking at the floating clouds and listening to the songs of the wind. For all the time there, only a gray cat appeared on the roof, which flashed a yellow eye at the girl and went on.

The girl liked it on the roof and she began to come here often during the day, and sometimes in the evening, if her parents started arguing at home. She brought an old blanket and a bowl for the cat up to the roof, where she left pieces of sausage or meat.

Once, sitting on the roof after sunset, the girl suddenly saw a huge giant who was walking though, and the cloak behind his back was black, like the darkest night.

The girl was frightened and screamed. The giant stopped and looked around. But the girl covered her mouth with her hand and quickly ran off the roof.

After that, the girl began to see giants everywhere - the one that brought morning on wings was very old and kind. The other, with which came snow and frost, was powerful and cruel. It cost him nothing to freeze to death any animal or even a person.

The giants carried the moon and the sun, drove clouds across the sky, poured rain on the city. There were many of them and they were different, like people. But people lived in their own world, and the giants lived in theirs. And only a girl could see two worlds - the world of people and the world of giants.

But the world of giants was not scary. It was scary that the black giant, who brought the night with him, found out about the girl and her secret. And the giant was looking for her. At first it was easy for her to hide, but every day he got closer and closer to her. The days were getting shorter and the nights longer, but no one except the girl noticed it. Black birds flew to the house where the girl lived, sat on the branches and opened their wings, releasing the night out.

The girl slept now only with the lights on, and carried matches in her pocket, lighting them when the black birds tried to attack her. And when one day night creatures surrounded her, she set fire to the bed in her room. She managed to drive away the birds, but dad took the matches from the girl.

The next morning came for everyone except the girl. The birds covered the whole sky with their wings over the house where the girl lived, and screamed, calling the black giant. And although no one saw them, people anxiously looked up and hurried to leave faster.

The girl did not go to school. She sat at home and waited for everything to be over. She was very scared, but she knew that she could not escape anywhere.

The black giant came and looked in the window. In his eye, the girl saw millions of yellow and blue stars. And among the stars were other children. They called the girl to them. She got up and walked towards them...


When the parents returned home in the evening, they found the dead girl. She was laying on the bed and at first it seemed that she had just fallen asleep. But the girl's eyes were open, and they were black, like a dark moonless night. Mom looked into the eyes of the girl and instantly her hair turned gray.

Black giant. Scary short story
Illustration: Frost7q

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