Stars. Scary short story

One boy was very fond of looking at the stars.

Already at the age of five, he learned to find constellations in the sky, and when he was eight, his parents gifted the boy a real telescope.

Every day before going to bed, the boy sat in front of the telescope and looked for the biggest stars in the sky - Sirius, Betelgeuse, Procyon. And then he looked at other stars - Achernar, Alpha Centauri, Arcturus, Canopus, Beta Orion, Vega and others.

Sometimes it seemed to the boy that the stars were shining only for him alone, since other people looked little at the stars and looked more at the ground beneath their feet. And sometimes it seemed to the boy that the stars wanted to tell him something. And when he thought about it, goosebumps ran down his back and he really wanted to find out what secrets the stars were hiding.

The boy read many books about the stars, and although he learned a lot new things about the stars, he did not like these books - he did not believe that the stars are just big fireballs that hang in the void of space.

He liked the legends and myths about the stars much more. In myths, the stars could be beautiful divine creatures or some terrible monsters. In myths, the stars had a souls and minds, they were alive and could influence human live.

In one book, the boy read that the stars are holes in the stellar sphere that covers the earth. In another book, the stars were the eyes of an ancient god who looked down on the earth and created this world. And if one day this ancient deity suddenly stops looking at the earth, the world will cease to exist.

The boy began to look more attentively at the stars. And he noticed that if they are really eyes, then these eyes do not belong to one being. After all, not all stars looked at the earth, some of them looked at other stars. And sometimes it was a very evil look.

After the boy realized that the stars are someone's eyes, he was afraid to approach the telescope, but he could not stop himself. He learned to distinguish between different sights - empty, kind, evil. Most of all there were empty looks, and the least of all were kind ones.

But the most insidious were the evil stars. They pretended to be empty or kind, but when it seemed to them that no one saw them, such anger poured out of them that the sky next to them began to turn gray and sick.

One day the evil stars saw that the boy was looking at them. And since then, as soon as he approached the telescope, all the evil stars immediately turned to him and their prickly glances poured furious anger on him .

The boy stopped looking through the telescope, and then folded it altogether and put it in the box. However, the evil stars continued to watch him. At night they looked through his window and then the boy had nightmares. In these dreams, huge monsters descended from the sky and tried to pull the boy out of his house. The boy was saved only by the fact that the monsters had large paws that did not fit through the windows.

And even during the day, the boy began to feel like someone was watching him from the sky. And on the street, he began to notice people who had eyes like evil stars. And these people were looking for the boy, but because of the bright light they were blind and the boy managed to elude them. But every day they got closer and closer.

One morning the boy looked out the window and saw three people in the courtyard of the house. They were looking at the boy, seeing him even through the walls. The boy screamed in fear and began to call for mom and dad. But when the parents entered his room, the boy saw all that stellar evil stare in their eyes.

"Many, many years ago, a star people lived on this land, - the creature said in the voice of the boy's father, - but people came and began to kill us, and those who remained were expelled. They drove us away until there was no place left for us on earth..."

"And then we had to go to the sky," the creature continued in the voice of its mother, "but we didn't forget. We waited a very long time. And now we're back..."

The boy had only one way out. He ran and jumped out the window. But on the street he was caught by other people with the eyes of evil stars.

"Where are you running?" they said, "after all, even if you run to the ends of the earth, we will still find you and kill you, as people used to kill us."

They picked up the boy and carried him into the house.

"We will take your eyes to look with them, we will take your legs to walk with them, we will take your hands to kill with them..."

The boy screamed, but the star people only laughed.

"We will take away your voice and your tears so that you cannot scream and cry. What will you do then?"

Star people brought him into the room and laid him on the bed.

"We will take even your death so that you have nothing left at all..."

Stars. Scary short story
Illustration: Frost7q

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