Something from a dark corner. Scary short story

One boy's mother died. The last thing she said to the boy was:

"Keep the lights on and stay away from dark corners."

The boy nodded, he himself tried not to come close to the corners when it got dark - sometimes it seemed to him that something was moving there in the darkness.

The boy's father went far away because of a new job and the boy stayed with his grandmother. Grandmother was kind, but very old and saved electricity. She had enough light that came into the house from the street - right under the windows there was a large lantern that shone so brightly that one could read a book by the window.

However the boy's room was farther away and not much light got in, so the corners of the room were always hidden in darkness. But the boy figured out how to get rid of fear - he put a big toy in every corner, and they, like guards, protected the boy at night.

Every time the boy returned from school, he noticed that his grandmother put the toys away in the box. And he immediately placed them in the corners again.

One day, returning from school, the boy noticed that a big plastic crocodile, which they had bought with their mother was missing. The boy had not played with this crocodile for a long time, but the crocodile had a large mouth full of teeth, and it seemed to the boy that he would be a good guard.

The boy asked his grandmother about the crocodile, but she shrugged her shoulders and said:

"Clean up your toys, then they will not disappear".

After that, every morning the boy began to put the toys in the box himself, but still each new morning there were less and less of them. Once a full box quickly became empty. The bear with a torn off paw lasted the longest, which the boy got from his mother - this toy was presented to her when she herself was a child. The toy soldiers also fought for a long time - there were many of them, but in the end, there were none left at all.

The boy asked his grandmother to buy new toys, but the grandmother bought the boy a set of racing cars and said that there would be no new toys until next month.

The racing cars were gone in two nights, and there was no one else to guard the dark corners of the room. He made guards out of paper, but they were swept away by the first gust of wind from the window.

The boy lay in bed and could not sleep. He tried not to look into the darkness, but he looked anyway and saw something rolling in the dark corners, and heard a soft rustle, as if snakeskin was rubbing against each other. The light of a street lantern was barely enough to illuminate the boy's bed, everything else was covered with impenetrable darkness.

"I should have asked friends from school for toys," the boy thought.

Suddenly, the boy heard a loud creak. Then another. It was only then that he felt his bed move. Something from the darkness grabbed the legs of the bed and pulled towards itself.

The boy rushed up and jumped straight to the window - it was summer, and the window was open. But the curtains on the windows caught the boy and entangled him like a web to an insect.

The boy screamed, but no one heard him. Something cold wrapped around the boy and pulled him back into the room.

The last thing the boy saw was his little paper guards, who bravely rushed at something in a dark corner, but their thin paper hands could not harm it...

Something from a dark corner. Scary story
Illustration: Frost7q

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