In the dark. Scary short story

One girl's mother died. The girl missed her very much.

Once, when a girl came to her mother at the cemetery, she saw a stranger there. This man stood near the grave of the girl's mother, but the girl did not know him.

When the girl approached the grave, the stranger said:

"I can bring your mother back".

His voice was dry, like sand in the desert. The girl became scared, but she could not leave.

"What needs to be done for that?" asked the girl. She knew that no one would help her for nothing.

"You're a smart girl," said the stranger, "I'll take only what you won't need at all - your eyes".

The girl was even more frightened. She was always afraid of going blind.

"Isn't your mother's life worth it?" the man asked.

"All right," said the girl, "but it must be my mother, and she must be alive and real".

"I accept your terms. Don't be afraid, it won't hurt at all," the man said, turned and began to leave. The girl looked after him and it seemed to her that this man had more than two legs.

The next morning the girl woke up blind. In the dark, she began to scream, but then her mother appeared and began to calm her down. The girl cried and hugged her mother. It was her real mother. The girl could no longer see her, but she heard her and could hug her. Even the smell of her mother was the same as before.

They began to live the same way as before the mother’s death. Dad went to work, and mom was at home - because now she had to take the girl to school and pick her up from there. But the girl was even glad that mother now spends more time with her and did not regret at all that she had become blind.

The girl learned to live in the dark, as the blind people live. She did not see anything, but she could find everything she needed, as she remembered what was where. And she always helped her mother around the house.

Only one closet the girl was not allowed to touch. But it was always locked, so the girl would just pull the handle and walk past.

Once, for the holiday, dad went hunting and shot a deer, which mom had baked in the oven. The smell was very tasty, and the girl really wanted to taste the deer, because she had never eaten it, but they had been waiting for dad from work for a long time.

When dad came, they didn’t sit down to dinner either, and mom began to scold dad for something. The girl did not understand what was happening, but she wanted it to end as soon as possible, and they finally sat down at the table. However, mom and dad continued to argue.

The girl walked from corner to corner, habitually stretching her hand forward so as not to hit into anything. When she passed a closet that she was not allowed to touch, she tugged on the handle as usual.

But this time, the door suddenly opened.

The girl stopped. She suddenly wanted to know what was in the closet. She stretched out her arms and felt something smooth and cold. To the touch, they were large glass jars.

There were three. The girl picked up one and shook it. Inside was some kind of liquid.

"Maybe it's lemonade?" - thought the girl.

She opened the lid and stuck her hand inside. The liquid was very cold, like from a refrigerator. The girl's hand caught something small and round. The girl leaned over to the jar and sniffed. The smell was not at all like that of a compote. But it was a familiar smell. It smelled like that in the hospital.

Suddenly the girl became scared. After all, she realized what was in these jars and why there were three jars.

"These are my eyes. And in other jars are the eyes of mom and dad," the girl thought.

She fished out the second eye from the jar and inserted the eyes into her eye sockets.

At first there was only a bright light, but then the girl finally began to see. The girl saw the room she was standing in. She saw jars of green liquid, two of them did have eyes floating in them. Then the girl turned her head and saw her mother and father. Their eye sockets were empty, and instead of legs they had spider legs. And there were cobwebs everywhere around. There are so many cobwebs that the girl even wondered how she had not noticed this web before. Probably because she only went to certain places in the house.

And when the girl looked at the table, she had to cover her mouth with her hands so as not to scream. Because on the table in a large dish lay was not a baked deer at all. There was a dead child lying in it.

At this point, mom and dad suddenly fell silent. And they looked at the girl with empty eye sockets, as if they could see her even without eyes.

"You shouldn't have done that," mom said. Her voice was completely different. Dry as sand.

"It's okay," answered dad, "she will fall asleep now and forget about it. And tomorrow everything will be as before".

The girl was very scared. She realized that the man from the cemetery had deceived her. And she also understood what she should to now. After all, she really was a smart girl.

The girl ran into the kitchen, grabbed matches and set fire to the cobwebs that hung everywhere. The web immediately flared up and, in a moment the whole house was on fire.

The last thing the girl heard was the screams of mom and dad, or rather spiders who pretended to be her mom and dad...

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