Stone eyes. Scary short story

One girl had a terrible dream.

She dreamed that her mother and father had died. They were buried in the same coffin by people who had black stones instead of eyes. And when the coffin was placed into the pit, people began to take stones out of their eyes and throw them into the grave. But there were not enough stones. Then they turned to the girl and told her to give them her stones.

"I don't have any stones," said the girl.

People grabbed the girl and took out her eyes. And they really turned out to be stones. The girl saw it, although instead of eyes she now had holes.

The girl woke up and cried. And she couldn't calm down. Although mom and dad were alive and told her that it was just a bad dream.

The girl's mother called her grandmother. Grandmother immediately arrived and brought with her two white round stones. She gave the stones to the girl.

"Hide them under the pillow," said the grandmother, "and if ever stone-eyed people again come into your dream, then give them these white stones instead of your eyes. Then they will forget about you."

The girl hid the stones under the pillow. However, she no longer dreamed of people with stone eyes. But still she did not remove the stones, although they disturbed her from sleep.

A year later, her grandmother died. When the girl learned about it, she cried for a long time, because she loved her grandmother very much.

The next day, the grandmother was placed in a coffin and taken to the cemetery. The girl also went with everyone. But when they arrived at the cemetery, she could not find her mother and father. And none of the people had seen them.

The coffin was taken to the grave and lowered into the pit. The girl looked at the people, but could not find anyone she knew. She was surrounded by strangers. And only now the girl noticed that they all had eyes made of stones.

Everything happened again, like in a bad dream. People began to take stones out of their eyes and throw them into the grave. And again, as in a dream, there were not enough stones. And people turned to the girl, looking at her with their eyes-holes.

"Give us your eyes," the people said, "then we can bury your grandmother."

The girl was frightened and cried.

"Don't be afraid," people said, "your grandmother will come back to us again. And will live in other people's nightmares. And then it will be your turn. Didn't your grandmother tell you anything?"

And then the girl remembered what her grandmother had said. She realized that she was having a terrible dream.

She put her hand under her pillow to get the white stones her grandmother had given her.

But there was nothing under the pillow. The girl's mother was recently cleaning her room, found stones and threw them away...


...When mom and dad returned from the cemetery, they saw that the girl was lying dead on the bed, and instead of eyes she had black holes.

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