Toy. Scary short story

One little boy went with his mother to the store and saw a toy dog there. The toy was small, but very beautiful - just like a real one, and the boy really wanted a dog, so he persuaded his mother to buy him this toy.

The whole day he played with the dog, and even went to bed with it.

At night, mother heard screams, and when she ran into the boy's room, he was all bitten, but there was no one else in the room except him.

The boy was taken to the hospital.

The next night, someone bit the boy's sister. When asked if she had seen anyone, girl said that it was a very big dog. But there was no dog in the house, and the doors and windows were all closed.

Even the police came, but they did not find anything.

The boy's sister was also taken to the hospital.

The next night, the boy's mother took a large stick and hid herself in the closet. Late at night, she heard someone open the door to her room. The boy's mother opened the door and saw a huge dog. It was the same toy dog she had bought for the boy. Only now it has become much, and much larger, so that it even barely squeezed through the doorway. The dog also saw the boy's mother and rushed to her. But boy's mother managed to close the closet door.

In the morning, mother began to look and found a toy dog in the boy's room.

Mom took the toy and burned it. The toy dog immediately flared up and instantly burned. All that was left of it was gray ash.

On the same day, the boy and sister returned home from the hospital - the bites disappeared as soon as the toy burned down.

Toy. Scary short story

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