Counting rhyme. Scary short story

There lived one boy. His mom and dad were always at work, so no one looked after him.

Children from the junior classes were very afraid of him, since the boy often bullied them and also took money from them.

But most of all, the boy bothered one girl. This girl had black-black hair and the same black eyes, and therefore she was nicknamed "gypsy". Or maybe she really was a gypsy. She had no parents, and she was brought to school by an old woman whose back was curved like a question mark.

No one knew why the girl did not please this boy, but no one stood up for her, because the girl had no friends at all.

Once, the boy's parents were even called to the principal's office after the boy tripped the girl and she fell and broke her nose and bled.

But it did not help. On the contrary, the boy began to harass the girl even more. Once he even pushed the girl right in front of the old woman. And when the old woman began to scold him loudly, he only laughed, because he knew that she would not be able to keep up with him.

"Wait," said the old woman then, "I know who will punish you."

The next night the boy had a dream. He and several other children were laying bound on the stone floor. The boy was scared, but he couldn't understand why. He twisted his head, trying to look at someone he couldn't see, but he could hear his heavy breathing and terrible whistling laughter.

The boy also saw a large wooden table, stained with red and black paint. And behind the table there was the black womb of the oven, where the flames were roaring.

"This is not paint," the boy suddenly realized, "but blood..."

The dream was terrible, but it was only a dream, which was immediately forgotten in the morning.

However, the next night the boy found himself in the same dream again. And he even began to guess why there was blood on the table and why the fire was lit in the oven...

The boy stayed at home all day. He was very scared. At night he tossed and turned for a long time, afraid to fall asleep, but when he fell asleep, his fear became even greater, because he finally saw the one who was breathing so hard...

He was huge and fat. His knobby hands were covered with unhealed wounds oozing blood, sewn up with coarse threads. There was a mask on his face, but the boy immediately recognized those eyes behind the mask... He saw such black eyes on the gypsy girl and the old woman who came to school for her...

The fat man looked at the children lying tied up on the floor and began to count loudly:

          People, animals, I am none,

          Do you think that it is done?..

When the boy woke up in the morning, he quickly got dressed and immediately ran to school. He realized who could save him. He would beg for forgiveness, he would plead with them...

He waited outside the school for three hours before it became clear that the gypsy girl would not come. Which means the old woman won't come either...

And at night he found himself in the same dream again. The fat man counted his counting again, pointing his finger at the children lying on the floor.

          People, animals, I am none,

          Do you think that it is done?

          Sticks, stakes, darkness,

          No one ever wants me...

The whole next day the boy tried to find out where the gypsy girl and the old woman lived. But the children looked at the boy and could not understand anything. None of them knew such a girl. Even the teachers shook their heads negatively, and the principal himself could not remember that he had called the boy's parents to school. And the boy's parents remembered nothing. And when the boy told them about the terrible dream, they only shrugged their shoulders and said that dreams are not real, and nothing will happen to him.

The boy lay in bed all night and tried not to fall asleep, but even when he lay with his eyes open, he could hear the fat man continuing his counting rhyme.

          People, animals, I am none,

          Do you think that it is done?

          Sticks, stakes, darkness,

          No one ever wants me.

          Rats, worms, life is a game,

          I fell down the void again...

When it began to get light outside the window, the voice faded.

The boy barely got out of bed. He wanted to sleep badly, but he knew that he had to find the gypsy girl.

Must go to school again. Have to ask the other kids. Maybe someone will remember. And if they don't remember, then the boy will go around the whole city, ask everyone, but will still find the girl and the old woman. Because he already knew who the counting rhyme would point to in the dream...

The boy's parents went to work. And no one saw that the boy fell asleep while sitting on the bed and with one pant leg pulled up on his leg. And even if someone had seen it, they would hardly have been able to wake him up.

          People, animals, I am none,

          Do you think that it is done?

          Sticks, stakes, darkness,

          No one ever wants me.

          Rats, worms, life is a game,

          I fell down the void again.

          Light, dawn, made mistake,

          You will never be awake.

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