How long have you been hiding here? Scary short story

One girl moved with her mother and father to a new house.

The house was new to them, but actually it was old. And it had many rooms, so it was a good place to play hide-and-seek all day long.

"Soon you will have a brother," said mom, "and then you will play hide-and-seek with him."

And dad said that the girl can choose any room for herself.

The girl chose a room with a large window overlooking the garden. There was a tree in the garden, with homemade swing hanging from it.

"A family with children probably lived here," the girl thought, "and the children rode on this swing."

Sometimes, when the girl looked out the window, she saw that the swing was swinging, as if someone was riding on it, but he jumped off and ran away before the girl approached the window.

"It's the wind pushig the swing," said dad.

And sometimes the girl heard someone's steps near her room, but when she went out, there was no one.

In autumn, the girl went to school and met other children. She quickly became friends with everyone.

When the children found out in which house the girl lives, they told her that there lived a family with a missing boy. He was searched for a long time, but never found.

"They killed him themselves. And then they bricked him up in the wall so that the police would not find him, - one boy said, - so his dad was put in jail, and his mother went crazy. That's they say."

But the girl soon forgot about this story. She was not up to it - she had a lot of lessons.

One evening, mom and dad went to the cinema, and they left the girl at home and put her to bed. But the girl could not sleep for a long time. It was raining outside, drops were loudly pounding on the glass, as if someone was asking to let him into the house.

And then the girl heard someone walking in front of the door of her room. The girl thought that it was her father and mother who had returned, but when she came out of the room, there was no one in the house. But on the floor, the girl saw someone's footprints.

These were very small footprints, so the girl was not afraid.

"Maybe it's a cat," the girl thought, and followed in the footprints.

The footprints led to the far room where no one lived now. The girl went there. The footprints led straight to the closet.

The girl turned on the light in the room and said loudly:

"Hey, get out! I know you're in the closet!"

Nobody came out. Then the girl went to the closet and opened the door. But it wasn't a cat, it was a little boy sitting in the closet.

"What are you doing here?" the girl asked.

"I'm hiding," answered the boy, "and my mother is looking for me. Get in here quickly. Otherwise she will come in and immediately find us."

The girl climbed into the closet and the boy closed the door.

"How long have you been hiding?" the girl asked.

"For a long time," said the boy, "I hid so that no one could find me. At first I was scared and I couldn't get out. I screamed and cried for a long time, but no one came. And when I came out, mom and dad were nowhere to be found."

"Did you ride the swing in the yard?" the girl asked.

"Yes," the boy said, "sometimes I ride there."

"This is probably the same boy who got lost," the girl thought, remembering what the children at school told her.

"Do you want me to show you where I hid?" the boy suddenly asked.

The girl nodded.

They got out of the closet and the boy led the girl behind him.

"Look what I found," he went up to one of the walls, pressed something, and suddenly a narrow hole opened in the wall.

"No one, no one knows about it," said the boy and climbed forward.

The girl followed him. When they climbed inside, the hole closed behind them. It became dark.

"This is where I hid," said the boy.

The girl felt the walls with her hands - they were wooden.

"Probably, this is some kind of old closet," the girl thought.

They sat in the dark for a long time. And then suddenly the girl realized that she was left alone.

"Hey!" she called the boy, but no one answered her.

Then the girl tried to get out of the closet, but could not. She couldn't find a handle anywhere. She called the boy, knocked, but no one answered her.

The girl began to look for something to open the closet. Her hands stumbled on some round sticks.

"These are human bones!" the girl suddenly realized, "and I am not in the closet, but in the coffin!"

And then the girl screamed. But no one heard her scream...

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