The Invisibles. Scary short story

One girl moved with her mom and dad to a new house.

The house was old and very beautiful. The girl liked it very much at first - there were many rooms, and large trees grew right outside the windows.

Mom and dad showed the girl all the rooms in the house.

"And we also have a basement," said dad, "there is a sofa and a large TV, so you can watch movies, like in a cinema."

They went down to the basement, but the girl suddenly felt sick.

"It smells so terrible in here," the girl said and ran out of the basement.

But the girl's mom and dad didn't smell anything.

"Okay," said mom, "you don’t have to go to the basement if you don’t like it."

They began to live in the new house, and everything was fine, only the smell from the basement did not go away, and even seemed to become stronger.

"It smells like death and the hospital," the girl said, "as if someone had died. Only worse."

But no one else except the girl felt the smell. They even called a specialist, but his instruments did not detect anything.

"The air is clean, there are no toxic fumes," said the specialist and left.

But that was not all. In the new house, the girl began to have strange dreams. They contained a strange and very ancient city, square towers of black stone, dark alleys and houses overhanging them. In this city lived creepy, ugly creatures covered with scales, with membranes between their paws and triangular heads like snakes.

These creatures buried their dead in glass coffins, which they stacked in towers. The living came to the dead, cut their hands, poured blood on the glass lids of the coffins and listened to the dead tell them about the afterlife...

In this city the dead were called invisible...

From these dreams, the girl woke up screaming, but could not tell why these unknown creatures frightened her so much. However, she recognized that stinking smell from the basement - the same smell hovered in the dark towers of the ancient city...

The girl began to have dreams about the ancient city more and more often, and the living became less and less, and the dead - more and more numerous. The city was crumbling, the towers were shuttering, and only the glass coffins with their terrible contents remained intact, lying in heaps among the ruins.

In the dream, the girl wandered alone among the glass coffins, trying to find a way out of the city, and the invisibles turned their snake triangular heads after her.

But one night the girl woke up in her room and could not recognize it - it seemed to her as if she was in a dark tower of a dead ancient city. And then she realized that her room was filled with a stench. Thin threads of smell stretched from the basement, like the tentacles of an unknown monster.

"These are invisibles," the girl guessed, "they are looking for me."

And by the smell, the girl realized that the invisibles were very hungry. After all, those ancient creatures died out many years ago and there was no one to pour blood on the glass coffins.

The girl got out of bed and carefully, trying not to fall into the moving tentacles of the invisibles in the air, began to make her way into the bedroom to her mother and father.

But when she got there, she saw that mom and dad were dead. The tentacles of the invisibles wrapped them like huge worms and drank their blood.

The girl almost started screaming out of fear. She had to clamp her mouth with her hands and bite her fingers until they bled.

When the girl felt the salty taste of blood in her mouth, she suddenly realized what needed to be done. After all, she could not kill the invisibles - they had already been dead for a long time.

The girl snuck into the kitchen, threw old newspapers that were lying on the refrigerator on the floor, took matches and lit them on fire. When the fire flared up, the girl threw a few more newspapers on top, turned on the gas on the stove and climbed out through the window into the street.

As the fire flared up, she managed to see how the tentacles of the invisible were squirming in the fire from pain, and then the whole world disappeared in a fiery flash...


When firefighters and police arrived, the house was completely burned down. In the ashes, the police found the bones of two dead people.

The girl was taken to the hospital. She forgot everything, so she had to be taught to walk and talk again. She was taken from the hospital by her uncle and aunt, with whom she began to live.

Sometimes the girl had nightmares with creepy, ugly creatures in glass boxes, and when the girl woke up, she took special pills which the doctor prescribed her and quickly forgot these dreams...

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