Old toys. Scary short story

There lived one boy. He constantly broke all the toys that were bought for him.

When dad and mom asked why he broke the toy, the boy answered:

"I was curious about what was inside".

Then they bought him a large construction set, but the boy did not assemble anything.

"It’s boring," he said.

And continued to break his toys - he would tear off a soldier’s leg and head, then he would break a car, or he would pick out all the insides of a gun with sound and lights. After that, dad and mom stopped buying him toys.

And the boy began to take away toys from younger children on the street and deliberately break them so that they too would not have toys. And all the children in the yard stopped taking toys out of the house.

One day the boy was bored on the street, and he went to an old construction site. People said that there was a treasure buried there in the basement long ago.

But so much garbage had been thrown into the basement that it was hard to find anything there now.

The boy didn’t need the treasure, he just wanted to shoot a rat in the basement with his slingshot.

He even imagined how fun it would be to bring a dead rat into the yard and scare the girls.

But when the boy went down to the basement at the old construction site, it was so dark that it was impossible to see not only the rats, but even the floor under his feet. Although there were rats there, something was constantly rustling in the darkness, squeaking was heard, and sometimes you could even see the shine of red rat eyes.

The boy tried to shoot at these eyes, but never hit - the rats were faster.

"Got to get deeper," the boy decided and climbed into the very darkness.

Here the sounds became louder, someone there stomped in the darkness, scratching with claws, and even seemed sighing and groaning.

The boy suddenly felt scared, and he thought that not only rats might live here.

He decided to return, but could not find his way back and wandered for a long time in the dark, stumbling among the piled up garbage.

And those who lived here began to get closer. Now they were making noise from all sides - scratching, crawling, stomping and making many other sounds, so that it seemed to the boy as if there were some unknown creature with thousands of tentacles in the darkness.

The boy began to cry.

"Stop it! Stop scaring me!" he shouted, but the darkness only exploded with new sounds.

And suddenly something lit up in the darkness. The lights were dim, but not scary, as if a New Year’s garland had been lit in the distance.

In the glow of these lights, the boy saw that he was surrounded by strange, ugly creatures. They were old, dirty, broken, with torn off legs and paws, broken parts, ripped insides where the gears were still spinning. But some of them still had batteries inside – they glowed in the dark.

"Who you are?" the boy asked in fear.

"We are toys," the creatures answered, and only then did the boy realize that he was surrounded only by old, discarded toys.

"What are you doing here?"

"We were broken and thrown out".

The boy stopped being afraid. Who would be afraid of toys?

"How do I get out of here?"

"Follow us," the toys said and moved into the darkness.

The boy followed the glowing lights.

But the toys led him not to the exit, but to some deep hole. The boy looked there, but nothing was visible in the darkness. It just felt like it was very deep there. And it smelled musty and rotten.

The boy became scared again.

"Where have you taken me, you stupid toys?!" he shouted, "I need to get out of here!.. Up!.. Home!.."

But the toys responded:

"We'll throw you down. You break down and we'll see what's inside of you".

And at once they moved closer to him.

"Don’t," the boy got scared and started crying again, "I won’t do it again..."

The toys just looked at him silently and moved closer again at once.

And then the glowing lights went out. And the boy was left alone in darkness and silence.

He wanted to run, but he didn’t know which way to go and was afraid of falling into a pit.

"I need to sit on the ground and move by touch," the boy thought.

But then he felt something approaching him from the darkness, and took a step back, not immediately realizing that there was no support under his foot, and he was falling down.

And then the boy screamed...

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