Sandman. Scary short story

One girl was given a beautiful pendant with a crystal for her birthday by her mother, inside of which there was an air bubble, and in this bubble was gold sand.

"The seller said that it is unlikely that there will be another crystal like this in the whole world," said mother, "this is a unique natural phenomenon."

The girl liked the gift very much, and all day she turned the pendant, looking at how the golden sand was pouring inside.

And even when the girl fell asleep, she dreamed that she was admiring the pendant, and the golden sand inside the crystal seemed to sparkle with its own light.

And the next day, the mother sent the girl into the forest to pick berries.

The girl was very surprised, because they lived in the city, and there was no forest nearby. But when she went out to the street, she saw that a real dense forest began right from the house.

The girl didn't know how to pick berries, so she just went into the forest and started looking for bushes with raspberries. She once saw these when she was visiting relatives at their country house.

The girl never found the raspberry. But she discovered a wooden house in the forest, which was exactly like in a book of fairy tales.

The girl entered the house. There was no one there, but there was a lot of delicious food on the table. The girl really wanted to eat, but she remembered that in fairy tales disaster happened afterwards, so she did not eat anything. But she just tasted it a little.

And then she sat down on a chair and began to wait. And she didn't even notice how she fell asleep.

But girl woke up almost immediately because she heard the clock ringing. And then a cuckoo jumped out of the clock and screamed:

"Go away, girl, the sandman knows you are here!"

The girl looked at the table and saw that all the food was not real, but molded out from sand. And the whole house was made of sand too.

Then the clock rang again and the cuckoo screamed:

"Girl, run away quickly, the sandman is coming here!"

The girl jumped out of the house and ran. But it was very difficult to run, and when the girl looked at her feet, she realized why she was running so slowly - she had sandy feet.

The girl ran to the stream, but when she began to cross it, her sandy feet were washed away by the water.

And the sandman's footsteps were already heard from behind - boom, boom, boom...

Then the girl took clay, molded herself new legs, stood up and ran on.

The girl ran to the river and wanted to swim across it, but her hands were also made of sand, and the water immediately washed them away.

Then the girl grabbed two branches that were lying on the shore with her teeth, stuck them in her shoulders instead of her arms, and swam across the river.

When she turned back on the other shore, she saw the sandman who was quickly catching up with her.

The girl ran further.

But when a lake appeared in front of her, the girl realized that she could not swim across it. Then she sat down on the shore and began to cry.

But then the cuckoo appeared again, flew in and sat on the girl's shoulder.

"You can still escape from the sandman," said the cuckoo, "if you wake up immediately."

And only then the girl realized that it was all a dream and immediately woke up.

And when she woke up, she realized what the cuckoo had still managed to tell her.

The girl took a hammer and broke the pendant. She threw the crystal fragments into the trash and washed off the golden sand with water.

She also asked dad to get her an old cuckoo clock that was left over from her grandmother and hang it in her room. And now, if the girl fell asleep and in a dream again got to the sandman, the clock began to ring and the girl immediately woke up.

But every time the girl woke up, she heard the sandman laughing. And then it seemed to her that not only her arms and legs, but also her heart were becoming sandy...

The sandman laughed because he knew that one day the girl would forget to wind the watch, or it would break, or something else would happen, and then he would still catch the girl...

And the sandman could wait for a very long time, even for eternity.

Sandman. Scary short story
Illustration: Frost7q

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