Queen of flowers. Scary short story

There once lived a girl who loved flowers very much. In her house, all the shelves and window sills were filled with flowers - violets, lavender, anthurium, begonias, orchids, hibiscus, jasmine, pelargonium, gerbera and others.

The girl's mom and dad thought that flowers were not a dangerous, but even a useful hobby, and therefore did not stop the girl from growing flowers. And when there were too many flowers, the parents took several pots of flowers and gave them to neighbors.

And the girl's flowers grew very well. Many neighbors even believed that the girl had some kind of magic, because none of their flowers grew so well. Even those that the girl's parents brought them, after some time, became no longer so bright and blooming.

The girl thought that this was happening because she was talking to the flowers. Of course, she spoke to flowers when no one saw it, because everyone believed that only crazy people could talk to flowers.

But the girl spoke to the flowers, and they obeyed her - no worse than the lions obeyed the trainer in the circus. The girl said to the flower "Grow!" and it grew, said "Bloom!" and it bloomed even if it was winter outside.

One night the girl had a dream. In the dream, the flowers suddenly spoke and began to ask her for help.

"Girl, help our queen, the evil elves want to kill her and all the flowers in the world. There is no one to help her except you," the flowers said and cried.

"Do flowers have a queen?" wondered the girl.

"Of course," said the flowers, "the queen of flowers. The most beautiful queen in the world. That's why the evil elves are jealous of the flowers and want to kill our queen."

"I thought elves were kind," said the girl.

"For many years there has been a war between the elves and the flowers," the flowers answered, "they killed us in hundreds, and we grew up in thousands. They killed us in thousands, and we grew up in hundreds of thousands. They couldn't defeat us, but now they know where our queen is and want to kill her. And then all the flowers in the world will die."

"But how can I help you, if I'm only a little girl?"

"For the elves you are a real giant, because the elves are small, they are no taller than your fingers," said the flowers.

"All right!" said the girl, "I'll save the queen of flowers. What I should do?"

"When you wake up," said the flowers, "we will show you the way to the queen of flowers. Just run faster, the elves have already attacked our queen."

The girl woke up. And immediately looked at the flowers. All the flowers in the room were turned in one direction.

The girl quickly got dressed and ran out into the street. She ran and looked for flowers that showed her the way. Of course, there weren't as many flowers on the street as the girl had at home, but there was always at least some tiny flower that was turned in the direction where the girl had to run.

It took her a long time to run, the girl was completely out of breath, but finally she ran to a meadow with so many flowers that it seemed like a huge bouquet.

All sorts of flowers grew in the meadow - there were household flowers, field flowers, forest flowers, mountain flowers, even snow flowers. And some flowers the girl had never seen before.

But when the girl approached the meadow, she saw little men among the flowers. There were thousands of them, and they were chopping flowers with tiny axes and stabbing with tiny sabers.

"Don't touch the flowers!" the girl shouted and began to grab the little people and save the flowers.

But the elves were not afraid of the girl. They rushed at her and began to stab her with their pin-blades.

The girl yelled out. Her arms and legs were covered in blood, and the elves climbed higher and higher, never ceasing to stab her.

The girl screamed. Then she began to shake off the elves and crush them with her feet. She was actually kind, but now she had to fight for her life.

And the flowers helped her as best they could. Their roots crawled out of the ground and grabbed the elves by the legs, and poisonous juice oozed from wounds on the stems.

The girl did not remember how long the battle lasted. Her body was bleeding in all places, but the small sabers could not kill the girl. And yet she was very tired of crushing the evil elves with her feet, because every time new ones came to take the place of the dead.

But when it began to seem to the girl that this would last forever, the elves began to retreat.

After making sure that the tiny creatures had gone away and left the flowers alone, the girl sat down on the ground and closed her eyes.

"You saved us," came a voice in her head.

The girl opened her eyes and began to look for the one who said this. And she saw how the flowers turned their bright petals, revealing a large flower of incredible beauty.

"Yes, it's me, the queen of flowers," said the flower.

The girl stood up and bowed.

"You are beautiful, Your Majesty," said the girl.

"Few people could admire me, but you deserve it," said the Queen of flowers.

"Thank you very much," the girl replied.

Then the ground in the meadow began to spead. The girl screamed.

"Don't be afraid," said the Queen of flowers, "and come down, our home is there."

The girl, holding on to the roots helpfully extended by the flowers, began to descend underground.

"Today we have won, and a festive feast awaits us!" - exclaimed the Queen of flowers.

The arches of the earth closed from above and the girl was left in the darkness. Something lay under her feet, she bent down and began to feel it with her hands.

And she screamed again. Dead elves lay beneath her feet.

"Yes," said the Queen of flowers, "our enemies will become our food. It has always been like this..."

"Why did you call me here?" said the girl, "after all, people are not flowers - we don't eat the dead".

"None of those who saw the Queen of flowers has ever survived..."

"What do you want to do with me?" the girl asked and began to cry.

"You have received great honor and will become the main dish at our feast," answered the Queen of flowers.

"No! I don't want to! Let me out!" the girl screamed and began to climb up.

But the earth fell on her and bound her tighter than any ropes.

"Don't cry, girl," said the Queen of flowers, "after death you will become one of us. Thousands of flowers will grow from your body..."

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