Blue glass. Scary short story

In one town there lived a boy. He loved to read very much, and his mother gave him a large book of fairy tales for his birthday.

This book contained many amazing stories about kings, knights, sorcerers and magical creatures.

The boy really enjoyed reading these stories. He especially liked the tale about a apprentice boy who built a flying machine to escape from a sorcerer's dungeon, and forged a copper doll that was almost impossible to distinguish from a person, except that instead of blood, oil flowed in its veins. One day, an apprentice boy even saved the prince from death. He made glasses from blue glass to see the creeping death and lured death into a trap while the royal doctor sewed a new heart on the prince.

The boy also wanted to become the hero of a fairy tale. He had a set of multi-colored glasses, and in this set one glass was blue. The boy carried blue glass with him and looked into it for a long time to see death, but death rarely walks the streets.

"Got to wait until someone dies," the boy thought.

But no one died. And the boy forgot about the blue glass. Until one day his friend's grandfather died. The boy took the blue glass and went to visit his friend.

"Can I see your grandfather?" the boy asked his friend.

The friend took the boy to a room where there was a coffin on the table and in the coffin lay a dead old man.

The boy took out the blue glass and looked into it. At first he saw nothing, but then it seemed to him that a blue cat was sitting on the dead man's chest.

But it wasn't a cat. It was a creature with long and thin spider-like arms. It was pulling the petals from a flower that was groewing straight from the dead man's mouth and eating them.

"Maybe a flower is a soul, and this is how death takes its soul?" - thought the boy.

But suddenly death turned its head and looked straight at the boy.

The boy remembered that the fairy tale from the book said that one should not look at death for a long time.

The boy quickly removed the glass, but still managed to see how death stood on his long arms, which turned out to be legs. He also managed to see that death had a huge beak on its face and blue holes instead of eyes.

"Death looks like a blind blue bird," the boy thought, and then something hit him and he fell into the blackness...

When the boy opened his eyes, it turned out that he was lying in the hospital. Mother was sitting next to him and she was very scared. She told the boy that he had a seizure and was taken to the hospital. Also the doctors were afraid that he would not wake up.

The boy wanted to tell his mother that he had seen death, and that death looked like a blue bird.

But when he opened his mouth, he could not make a sound.

Two days later the boy was discharged from the hospital. He was healthy, but could not speak at all. The doctors said that it would take a little time and he would speak again.

At home, the boy took a sheet of paper and a blue pencil and tried to draw death. But he couldn't do it.

"What is this?" Mom asked, looking at the drawings.

"This is death," the boy wanted to say, "it looks like a blue blind bird with a large beak and legs that look like hands..."

But he couldn't say anything.

The next day the boy looked out the window and almost screamed in fear. But instead of a scream, only a hiss came out of his mouth. Then the boy ran to his mother, led her to the window and pointed to the sky.

"See!" - he wanted to shout, "the sky is the same color as the blue bird!"

But mother looked at the sky and didn't understand anything. And the boy could not tell her anything.

The next day, the boy saw a bird with a huge blue beak on a tree outside the window. But when he showed the bird to his mother, she again did not understand anything.

But still, the mother realized that the boy was afraid of something and called a doctor. When the doctor came home, the boy only looked at him and ran to his room. The doctor had thin long arms, like a spider.

In the evening, the boy's father came home from work and he had blind blue eyes. Thоse eyes looked at the boy and he realized that death would soon come to take him away.

"I’ll lie in a coffin and a flower will grow in my mouth," the boy thought, "and I can’t tell anyone about it."

The boy went to his room, took a pen and a piece of paper and wrote: "Death is like a blue bird. Death is like a blue bird. Deathislikeabluebird..."

But the blue ink merged with the blue color of the paper and the writing disappeared.

And then the door opened and a blue bird entered the room.

It had long thin legs that looked like hands with claws, a shapeless body without wings, and a round head with blind eyes and a huge beak.

"I should have broken the blue glass," the boy thought and died.

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